WARNING: If you believe you have nothing to discover about Marketing your Hospitality business and increasing your Direct Bookings in 2019...stop reading now.

However, READ ON If you want to Take Back Control of your Hospitality Business TODAY by Ditching the Greedy, Commision Grabbing OTAs and 3rd party Booking Websites, Slashing Monthly Costs, Ballooning your Bottom Line and Being your Own Boss Again.

I want you to take a second, and imagine this alternate scenario for your business in 2019.

  • NEVER having to depend on OTA’S or 3rd party booking websites again to hit your occupancy targets. Meaning no more sleepless nights stressing if you’ll fill your rooms.

  • Doubling your direct bookings (at least) at your property in 2019.

  • Slashing commission costs you grudgingly fork out every month.

  • More FREE TIME, to enjoy how YOU please by boosting your bottom line giving you the option to take on extra staff. (Instead of running yourself ragged for the next 5 years)

  • Climb the ladder on review sites and stand out in your area as one of the top places to stay.

  • Stay ahead of the ever-increasing competition, so next year occupancy numbers will never be in doubt.

  • Knowing you’ve a proven marketing strategy in place for a profitable business which you can sell on, pass down to your children or generously fund your retirement.

  • Being in full control of every aspect of your business and never needing to depend on others again.

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"Mark came along at just the right time"

Polly from Gite Colombe des Bois

"There's all the tips and tricks you need"

Zein Dudha from Villa 33 in Malawi

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"I can work on the training at my own pace and in my own time"

Hannah Flohr from Hall Farm Cottages

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"I found Mark inspiring"

Paula from Cockington Cottages, Torquay

Training Topics & Resources

What will be covered

  • Website & Booking Engine - Optimise online presence to convert lookers in to bookers

  • Social Media - Learn the basics to advanced techniques on Facebook, Instagram and more

  • Google Ads - Take control of your own advertising on the worlds biggest platform

  • Email Marketing - Stay connected with past and potential guests with news and offers

  • OTA's & Listing Sites - Make the most of all opportunities available to list your property

  • Monthly Group Coaching Calls - Webinars discussing training bespoke to your needs

  • Swipe File, Email templates, Resources & More - Download 'ready to use' tools

How It Works

  • Access The Training Anytime - Anywhere

    The videos are available 24/7. Log in and Learn on your time

  • Access to a Hospitality Marketing Expert

    I can help you focus and put a plan in place that will have an immediate impact on your business.

  • Start Your Learning

    It doesn't matter what skill level you are at, there are training videos and help for you.


  • What is the Boostly Academy?

    Boostly Academy is the ONLY Hospitality Training Portal in the world that has been created BY hospitality professionals FOR hospitality professionals. It's been put together with the sole purpose of getting ‘heads on beds’, taking control back from greedy, commission stealing OTAs and 3rd party booking sites and giving our members 100% control of their own business without having to depend on others for occupancy rates.

  • What are the top three things I will get from the Boostly Academy?

    I'll level with you. You’ll get so much more out of Boostly Academy than just 3 things. However , as you've put me on the spot I have to say: 🚀Increased direct bookings and dramatically reduce your commission costs 🚀More money in your personal bank account 🚀Becoming a Marketing Master for your own property and beyond. Ok, I’m sorry, I have to add one more. 🚀Being part of the Exclusive Boostly Academy community who’ll guide and support each other 24/7 so you’ll reach the top.

  • Can’t I just learn this Marketing stuff from the internet?

    Yes and No. Of course, you can learn anything from the Internet, however, without guidance and support the chances of getting anything out of it is extremely slim. Instead, you’ll probably find yourself just wasting hours, months and years trying to find anything which will specifically help for our industry.

  • I’m a complete technophobe how would I even start to understand this?

    Again, Boostly Academy is designed for self confessed Technophobes, who are any age. Listen, if you can operate a smartphone or a washing machine you’ll have no problem at all. And remember you have full support to both myself and the Boostly Community to guide you through.

  • You say lifetime access but what if Boostly Closes down?

    Of course, there is always a chance the unthinkable could happen which would cause me to stop. ☠️ The same as in any other business. However, this is my family's livelihood and I’m not going anywhere. Boostly Academy will be around for years to come and if my past members are anything to go by, you’ll gain so much knowledge and results in the coming months, even if I was to disappear in 20 years you wouldn’t even bat an eyelid. (Well, I hope you would anyway)

  • I don’t have a spare minute in the day, how will I fit it in?

    I know from running my own property time is precious. With that in mind our step by step videos can be picked up whenever you have a spare 15 minutes. Most of our members commit around 1-2 hours a week at the start. I’m telling you now, if you really break down your routine you’ll be able to find 60-120 minutes. Especially when it could be the difference between your business being a success or failure.

  • How much is this going to cost me?

    Remember this isn’t a cost. Its an investment in yours and your business's future. The price of the Boostly Academy will naturally go up the more popular it becomes. The best time to join is now and you can do so by going to boostly.co.uk/join

  • I haven’t got the funds, how can I afford it?

    The real question is can you afford not to market your property? Alcohol, takeouts, and even a Netflix subscription at this moment in time, are in fact, luxuries. Although you’ll miss them, (and believe me there are times I had to cut back too,) in reality they’re not going to get guests walking through your doors. However, marketing your business isn't a luxury. It's a necessity. Without taking control now you are not giving your business the best chance to succeed. Once you have the marketing down pat, your bank balance will more than be able to cope with any of the extras luxuries you want, and then some. At this point, you just need to decide what’s more important...

  • Do you offer a money back guarantee?

    I do. I’m so confident in Boostly Academy and what I can do for your business there is 100% money back guarantee when you join. Here’s how it works. If you sign up today, and over the next 12 months complete the training at the Boostly Academy and have not seen improvements in your direct bookings, cutting of your costs and bottom line and the Academy hasn’t paid for itself then I’ll gladly send you back ALL the money. This makes us risk free. If fact, the only risk is not signing up and your business staying exactly the way it is, or worse.

“Boostly is just spot on! With every post, blog, review and snippet Mark's blowing my mind. I love technology and marketing, and I've learned so much more in mere weeks that's specific to the hospitality industry than I have in years. Mark is ever kind, patient, and diplomatic in his feedback, and his instructional content doesn't assume prior knowledge, so is so very easy to follow. I'm impressed and delighted to be implementing tried and tested techniques that work.... Mark,... like wow!”

Quay Rest

Rosemarie Brown

“Let me start by saying that i am a total technophobe & had a family member to set up my website & facebook page. Since I have signed up to the training site and the facebook group, I have learnt so much! Not only that, but i now have the confidence (following the step-by-step how to videos) to get my website noticed on Google and how to improve my bookings. Mark has been most helpful when i have gotten stuck and has emailed me back to check on my progress! I'm looking forward to the new bookings coming in!! Great work Mark!”

Nicola Woods

“I can honestly say that finding Mark Simpson, his Community Hospitality forum site, and now having signed up to his subscription training site has changed my life in the last few weeks. Having been letting holiday cottages in Cornwall for 17 years I have been to guilty of sitting in front of the computer just waiting for bookings to come in. Rejoicing if they do, moaning if they don't. In today's techy world and with increased competition in the market I needed to do something more positive and watching Mark's awesome training videos has given me the confidence to believe I can achieve. ”

Trevorrick Farm Holiday Cottages

Mike Benwall

"The Direct Bookings Have Increased Significantly"

Emma Khan of The Rivieria Guesthouse in Whitby

100% Money Back Guarantee

I know that the techniques, tips and templates provided in the Boostly Academy are the best in the world and your bookings will  increase! If you don't begin to see a return on your investment then I will give you 100% of your money back, no questions asked!